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Center for Hispanic Leadership, CEO Glenn Llopis Announces Plan to Train One Million Hispanic Professionals in the Next Decade
Nov 1, 2010, 19:41

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Center for Hispanic Leadership Founder/Chief Executive Officer Glenn Llopis has announced plans to train one million Hispanic professionals in the next decade. CHL’s success in 2010 was highlighted by its Corporate Hispanic Leadership Training Programs and first annual Leadership Summit held on September 18th in Los Angeles.  

According to Llopis, “we have created a renewed awakening and necessity for Hispanic Leadership in the workplace. We have proven that culturally tailored professional development matters to Hispanics in order to propel new types of innovations and heightened performance levels.  Our success has been measured by our ability to train Hispanic Professionals to trust and apply the six characteristics they most naturally represent to be great leaders (immigrant perspective, circular vision, Latin passion, entrepreneurial spirit, generous purpose and cultural promise).”
In their quest to train one million Hispanic Professionals in the next decade, CHL will focus heavily on educating the Fortune 500 C-suite on the importance of developing Hispanic leaders in order to most authentically capture the growing Hispanic consumer purchasing power that is estimated to reach $1.3 trillion by 2014.  

“To grow and profitably compete in the Hispanic market space, products/services must be designed and lead by Hispanic leaders that live and breathe its multiple cultures and nuisances.   Hispanic talent and Hispanic market development represent two sides of the same coin,” says Llopis.

“Fortune 500 brands must be more culturally sensitive and strategic about earning the right to sell to the Hispanic consumer. Hispanics are not a homogeneous community.    Corporations must respect and serve their multitude of specific needs that focus groups can’t always detect.   Bilingual packaging and high priced advertising that do not connect culturally, will not succeed.   

" Hispanic consumers require an authentic relationship from brands that seek loyalty. Hispanic consumers desire a genuine belief that they are continually being understood.   Corporations must earn the Hispanic consumer relationship – and this begins by developing and allowing their Hispanic leaders to create the innovation requirements to assure long term success in this maturing market segment.”
In addition to CHL’s Corporate Training Programs and its Annual Leadership Summit, in 2011 CHL will broaden its impact and influence with the launch of the Ten City Hispanic Leadership Tour.    Mr. Llopis will visit 10 of the most popular Hispanic workplace communities in America to listen, learn, train and help advance Hispanic Leadership in the workplace.    The tour’s mission is to create greater awareness and an educational platform toward building a global workplace that will give Hispanic professionals new purpose, put a premium on innovation, and maintain ethical leadership on driving performance development.
“We have reached a pinnacle stage in America that requires a new enlightened form of leadership to renew the ways we must think, act and innovate in the workplace. Hispanic Professionals are in a unique position to assume this role.   At CHL, we are determined to lead this paradigm shift,” concludes Llopis.

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