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News and Media
Site   Description  
  All Things Latin     An online Latino magazine featuring sports, news, weather, finance and links to interesting Latin websites.  
  HispanicOnline     HispanicOnline includes news, resources and entertainment options that are relevant to Latinos. This includes 36 channels of content, updated daily, and services ranging from stock and weather reports to online chats and discussion boards.  
  Hispanic Radio Network     Hispanic Radio Network is one of the largest producers and syndicators of Spanish Language educational radio programs in the world.  
  La Opinión     La Opinión is the nation's largest Spanish-language daily newspaper.  
  LATINO News Network     Online News network  
  Latino USA     Latino USA, the radio journal of news and culture, is the only national, English-language radio program produced from a Latino perspective. It is a production partnership of KUT Radio and the Center for Mexican American Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.  
  Mundo Latino     World news  
Publications and Entertainment
Site   Description  
  BookWire     Comprehensive online portal into the book industry providing resources to librarians, publishers, booksellers, authors, and general book enthusiasts.  
  Hispanic Business Magazine     Hispanic Business Magazine offers online information on entrepreneurs, careers, marketing and more.  
  Hispanic Magazine     HISPANIC Magazine's editorial focus is on business, career, politics, and cultures, with upbeat, informative, and timely stories on people and issues of interest to Hispanics  
  Hispanic Engineer Magazine     Hispanic Engineer Magazine promotes opportunities for the Hispanic Community to take a leadership role in developing and teaching its children and professionals about the work of technology, and to ensure that the Hispanic community will have a role in this phenomenon through preparation.  
  Latina Online     Online version of Latina magazine focusing on women's beauty, fashion, health and other issues.  
  Latina Style Magazine     LATINA Style Magazine brings the Latina professional, the Latina business owner and the Latina college student information to succeed in her endeavors. They offer regular features on career opportunities, business opportunities, home and family issues, music, book, and movie reviews, travel tips, investment guidance, food and drink recipes, health advice... in short all the things that impact the quality of life of today’s professional and upcoming Latina.  


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